Digital Tech Deals for Divi Web designers. Time-limited opportunities you don’t want to miss out on!

Looking to save money on useful tech that you can use to grow your online presence? We’ve shortlisted the best WordPress and SaaS Tech Bargains around the net in one place.

As a small business owner you need to decide on what type of tools you are going to utilize to carry out different business functions. Broadly these functions can be divided into 5 categories,

  1. Tools that can be use to BUILD stuff to sell, aka Your Tech Stack. These include WordPress plugins and themes that can be use to offer your web design service.
  2. Tools to REACH visitors, aka Your Lead Gen Stack.
  3. Tools to CONVERT visitors into Sales, aka Your Marketing Stack.
  4. Tools to ENGAGE with customers and build up social proof, aka Your CRM Stack.
  5. Tools to MANAGE operations. Productivity tools that can be useful to manage Accounting, Recruitment and other business functions.

You do not need to spend a fortune to build up your stack! There are many start up companies who put out innovative products every day. You can invest in their growth by getting one of the early stage deals they run. Moreover, the established players occasionally give out discounts for their plans so don’t buy at full price unless its necessary.

The following table shows you the latest tech deals floating around the web. Pick one you like and see how it can fit in to your current business tech stack… FYI: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you and your use of our affiliate links supports the growth this website.

ProductStart DateEnd DateDescriptionSpecial OfferCoupon CodeDeal Link
YouengageJune 23, 2021Soonyouengage is an engagement platform for generating promising leads through interactive consumer content creation—without knowing any code$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
AdiloJune 21, 2021SoonAdilo is a powerful, ultra-secure video hosting platform with tools that help drive engagement, increase conversions, and generate sales$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SpayeeJune 21, 2021SoonSpayee is an all-in-one, white-labeled platform that lets you create, market, and sell courses$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
LOVOJune 21, 2021SoonLOVO is a next-generation synthetic speech platform with natural-sounding AI voiceover and text-to-speech for e-learning, marketing, and entertainment$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEproductivity
YabbuJune 17, 2021SoonYabbu is a meeting communication tool that allows participants to process agendas asynchronously, reducing the number of live meetings altogether$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
FunnelllJune 16, 2021SoonFunnelll helps you maximize your marketing campaigns by leveraging meaningful actions customers take on your website—no code or complex integrations needed$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Social Media Manager SchoolJune 15, 2021SoonSocial Media Manager School offers comprehensive training and certification for social media managers$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
SendinblueJune 10, 2021SoonSendinblue allows you to create beautiful email campaigns, custom landing pages, signup forms, automated workflows, transactional messaging, CRM, and more$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
AdyouneedJune 10, 2021SoonADYOUNEED is a social media and search ad platform where you can create and optimize ads in minutes while automating your ad processes$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
FrillJune 9, 2021SoonFrill is a tool that allows you to gather customer feedback, integrate customer ideas into your roadmap, and make feature announcements$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
PremastJune 7, 2021SoonPremast provides templated solutions to help you create master presentation designs, complete with branded content$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
EmailBadgeJune 7, 2021SoonEmailBadge is a powerful email signature solution for you, your clients, or your company$9 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Hy.pageJune 7, is a platform that allows you to create and customize a landing page for your bio link to generate revenue without paying fees$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
AtomChatJune 1, 2021SoonAtomChat is a chat and collaboration solution that helps website users interact with one another using text-based chat, audio features, and video calls$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
Hippo VideoJune 1, 2021SoonHippo Video is a video customer experience platform that helps you lift your sales, marketing, and support efforts$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SitejetMay 27, 2021SoonSitejet is a complete web design suite that combines project management and automation with a high-performance CMS, giving users full design and code flexibility$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ReslashMay 27, 2021SoonReslash allows you to build a virtual space where you can connect, collaborate, learn, and socialize—all from one platform$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SalesBlinkMay 26, 2021SoonSalesBlink is a digital platform designed to automate outreach and connect you to the right people for the most productive leads$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
CookieYesCookieYesSoonCookieYes is a cookie consent solution for cookie compliance with major data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
AuthoritasMay 26, 2021SoonAuthoritas is a robust SEO platform that helps site owners and agencies manage and run more successful SEO projects in less time$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
InfluencerSoftMay 24, 2021SoonInfluencerSoft provides all the funnel building tools influencers and entrepreneurs need to effectively market their products and services$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
AgiledMay 24, 2021SoonAgiled is an all-in-one, white-label ready business management platform for managing clients, leads, finance, projects, tasks, employees, and more$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
CrikleMay 20, 2021SoonCrikle combines video meetings, customized sales guidance, and information capture to help you sell more effectively from literally anywhere$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ChayAllMay 20, 2021SoonChayAll is a business instant messaging platform to chat with customers online no matter their messaging app of preference$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
JivoChatMay 20, 2021SoonJivoChat is a real-time messenger that helps businesses connect directly with their prospects and customers on multiple channels$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Be.LiveMay 19, 2021SoonBe.Live is a livestreaming studio that allows you to create beautiful livestreams and repurpose them into shorter videos and podcasts$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
GetLead.pageMay 13, is a business messenger that connects website visitors directly with associates via video calls, voice calls, text chats, and contact forms$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
HockeyStackMay 11, 2021SoonHockeyStack is a fast and easy-to-understand web analytics tool that allows you to track all actions and get actionable insights with 30-second integration$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Zonka FeedbackMay 11, 2021SoonZonka Feedback is a multichannel customer feedback and survey platform that helps you collect, measure, and analyze customer satisfaction$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
CanduMay 11, 2021SoonCandu is a drag-and-drop web component editor that helps non-devs build dynamic user experiences using your app’s style guide$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ViloudMay 10, 2021SoonViloud lets you create and stream your own live, linear, and on-demand TV channels without breaking a sweat$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ContentBotMay 5, 2021SoonContentBot is a personal AI writing assistant equipped with 25+ highly tuned tools that lets you generate blog posts, ad copy, email campaigns, and more in seconds$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
TreasureMay 4, 2021SoonTreasure is a secure cloud storage platform that lets you bring together all your cloud accounts in one streamlined interface for easy access and sharing$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
MoovlyMay 4, 2021SoonMoovly is an online video creation platform that empowers both trained and untrained professionals to leverage their video creation capabilities$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Filmstro ProApril 26, 2021SoonFilmstro Pro allows you to easily create custom soundtracks with an extensive library and intuitive editing tools for that perfect sound$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
NeuralTextApril 25, 2021SoonNeuralText uses AI to analyze SERPs, find valuable insights, and generate the copy for your site, effectively automating your writing process$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ActiveCollabApril 25, 2021SoonActiveCollab is an all-in-one project management tool with an intuitive interface that helps you keep organized and deliver projects on time$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SpokeApril 21, 2021SoonSpoke helps you record, transcribe, summarize, edit, and share your video conversations on any platform so you can up your video game$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
DarwinMailApril 18, 2021SoonDarwinMail is a fast and secure email tool that lets you email from multiple accounts and set up reminders, snoozing, and bulk actions, so you can increase your productivity$29 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
EnerpizeApril 19, 2021SoonEnerpize is the all-in-one, cloud-based, industry-custom solution that lets you manage your finances, accounting, sales, inventory, client relations, employees, operations, and more$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Social ChampApril 16, 2021SoonSocial Champ is a social media management tool with an all-in-one dashboard that lets you easily create and schedule posts$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
AshoreApril 14, 2021SoonAshore is a digital platform designed to automate client and peer feedback to improve collaboration as you move through creative stages$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Keyword HeroApril 13, 2021SoonKeyword Hero lets you see all of your organic keywords and their specific performance metrics inside your Google Analytics account$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
UppbeatApril 9, 2021SoonUppbeat is a music platform and library for creators, offering the guarantee of no YouTube copyright issues or demonetization of content$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
TexAuApril 12, 2021SoonTexAu is a growth automation platform designed to help you generate more leads and scale your business faster$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
WP CoursewareApril 8, 2021SoonWP Courseware helps anyone with a WordPress website easily create and sell online courses, turning their knowledge into profits$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordpress
WP CompressApril 9, 2021SoonWP Compress intelligently adapts images and scripts based on the incoming visitor for faster load times, lower bounce rates, and a better user experience$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordpress
Squirrly SEOApril 8, 2021SoonSquirrly SEO is an AI-powered, all-in-one SEO suite that takes the guesswork out of search engine optimization$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordpress
1BrandApril 6, 2021Soon1Brand empowers marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs to create beautiful, customized brand guidelines in just a few minutes$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
AcadleApril 6, 2021SoonAcadle is a comprehensive learning management software that allows you to create, customize, and launch white-labeled academies$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
FoapApril 2, 2021SoonFoap lets you easily create awesome user-generated content through a customized visual content platform of over three million content creators$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
Run The WorldMarch 30, 2021SoonRun The World is the one-stop-shop to host virtual events that connect, inspire, and entertain$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
RollcallMarch 26, 2021SoonRollcall is an asynchronous standup meeting tool that helps remote teams work better together with built-in scheduling and integrations with your tech stack$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BannerBooMarch 25, 2021SoonBannerBoo is the simplest way to create, manage, and publish animated ads for social media and ad platforms, all without any coding$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
WaybookMarch 26, 2021SoonWaybook is a powerful tool to turn your documents, processes, and know-how into effective and organized onboarding, training, and reference materials$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
EnchargeMarch 23, 2021SoonEncharge is a marketing automation tool that sends behavior-based emails using a drag-and-drop flow builder and native integrations with major CRMs$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Meta BoxMarch 22, 2021SoonMeta Box is a WordPress plugin that lets you create 40+ types of custom fields and meta boxes in record time$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordpress
AppMySiteMarch 22, 2021SoonAppMySite is an AI-powered mobile app builder that lets you create high-quality, customizable apps without writing a single line of code$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordpress
VmakerMarch 22, 2021SoonVmaker lets you record your screen and webcam, plus capture microphone and system audio to share with your team and audience$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BeagleSecurityMarch 19, 2021SoonBeagleSecurity helps online businesses secure their website from security threats with intelligent website security monitoring$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordpress
ReportzMarch 18, 2021SoonReportz is an intuitive, fully customizable KPI-based reporting tool that pulls real-time data from all your marketing channels$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ViewstMarch 17, 2021SoonViewst is an easy-to-use app that lets you create professionally‑designed ads from scratch in minutes, no design or coding experience required$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
CloudFiltMarch 17, 2021SoonCloudFilt provides full protection for your websites, web apps, and APIs to stop harmful bots in their tracks$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordpress
FlowMarch 16, 2021SoonFlow is a powerful motion design tool that lets you create anything from beautiful animations to ad content and promo videos$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
StencilMarch 15, 2021SoonStencil is a quick and easy image editor that helps you create professional graphics for maximum social engagement$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
QiwioMarch 13, 2021SoonQiwio is a video marketing automation platform that uses interactive video elements like questions, CTA buttons, and forms for better engagement and conversions$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Kroma.aiMarch 15, is a platform that offers the templates and creative assets you need to pitch, present, and persuade like a pro$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
MarquizMarch 11, 2021SoonMarquiz lets you build an online quiz in just 15 minutes to capture qualified leads and recommend the right products or services$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Email List ValidationMarch 9, 2021SoonEmail List Validation quickly and effectively cleans up your lists to make sure you’re landing in the right inbox$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
FlowluMarch 9, 2021SoonFlowlu is a complete suite of project and business management tools, including a CRM, invoicing, Kanban board, and more$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
RakeMarch 3, 2021SoonRake is a centralized messaging web platform that simplifies omnichannel and workplace messaging with efficient and easy-to-use tools$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ScribbbeMarch 5, 2021SoonScribbbe is a tool that adapts its A.I. to your voice to quickly and accurately generate transcriptions$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Piar.ioMarch 4, allows you to customize what followers see when you share a link and get statistics about your audience to optimize link previews$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
rasa.ioMarch 2, is an email marketing tool that lets you send automated and customized emails to every person on your list$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SocitalMarch 3, 2021SoonSocital lets you create all types of pop-ups, bars, and forms to capture leads, convert visitors into customers, and increase sales$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
EnvoiceFeb. 24, 2021SoonEnvoice is an easy-to-use app that lets you create and send invoices, process payment online, track your income, and get paid faster$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
WebTotemFeb. 23, 2021SoonWebTotem is a web application cyber security assistant that protects your web page and actively monitors threats$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
Gravitec.netFeb. 23, is a smart web push service that lets you boost subscribers through customizable prompts and automatically target your content to the right audience$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
HexowatchNov. 20, 2020SoonHexowatch lets you effortlessly monitor competitor webpages for changes in visuals, keywords, source code, prices, and more$98 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SpottFeb. 19, 2021SoonSpott lets you create interactive content, publish it to different channels, and track its success along the way$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ThreatCopFeb. 18, 2021SoonThreatCop is a cyber attack simulator and security awareness training tool that analyzes the real-time threat posture of an organization based on its members$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BiQFeb. 16, 2021SoonBiQ is an AI-powered SEO suite that offers content optimization, keyword intelligence, and rank tracking to increase your traffic$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SignaturelyFeb. 16, 2021SoonSignaturely lets you create, send, sign and store digital documents with legally binding online signatures$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BlogelyFeb. 15, 2021SoonBlogely helps online creators research, craft, SEO boost, and publish original content on multiple platforms$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
QuickpageFeb. 15, 2021SoonQuickpage allows you to record and deliver high-resolution videos by email and text while monitoring viewer engagement$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
TrustMate.ioFeb. 10, helps you collect keyword-filled customer reviews to improve your search engine results, entice potential customers, and build a rock-solid online image$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
VidlogsFeb. 10, 2021SoonVidlogs is a workspace for remote or dispersed teams to host AI-powered live and asynchronous meetings with recording and transcription$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Ora 3Feb. 8, 2021SoonOra 3 is an all-in-one platform featuring project management, team chat, time tracking, and reporting$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
GuestboardFeb. 8, 2021SoonGuestboard is a modular event platform designed to make organizing and hosting simple$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BL.INKFeb. 4, 2021SoonBL.INK is a flexible short link management platform that helps you manage, monitor, and measure every click across every channel$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
GurucanFeb. 4, 2021SoonGurucan is a mobile-first, all-in-one platform to create online courses and memberships while running marketing automation, webinars, and more$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Webtrends OptimizeFeb. 3, 2021SoonWebtrends Optimize is an online platform that lets you test and alter site pages, with tailored content for users and new site elements$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
PixelixeFeb. 2, 2021SoonPixelixe is a graphic design suite featuring a white-label integrated editor, design automation, and robust image editing tools to help you create scroll-stopping graphics in minutes$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
TidyCalFeb. 1, 2021SoonBrought to you by the AppSumo team, TidyCal is a scheduling solution that makes it easier to manage your calendar and get more bookings$19 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
JuphyJan. 31, 2021SoonJuphy is a customer support tool that allows businesses to manage all their customer conversations and support requests on social media from one inbox$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SendsparkJan. 26, 2021SoonSendspark helps you stand out in the inbox with video emails for smarter outreach and clearer communication$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
MorphioJan. 29, 2021SoonMorphio boosts your digital marketing ROI with AI-powered audits, monitoring, forecasts, anomaly detection, and suggestions$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
AxonautJan. 27, 2021SoonAxonaut is a complete CRM for small businesses that lets you manage contacts, revenue, expenses, invoices, and more$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
GoodFlowJan. 29, 2021SoonGoodFlow is a workflow management tool designed to help teams collaborate more efficiently, automate routine business processes, and make data-driven decisions$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SwitchboardJan. 25, 2021SoonSwitchboard is a tool that allows you to easily livestream to multiple social media channels at once, plus tap into your network for maximum views$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
POSTOPLANJan. 25, 2021SoonPOSTOPLAN is a smart social network marketing platform that allows you to create, schedule, and promote content$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
PicterJan. 21, 2021SoonPicter is a tool for teams to organize, review, approve, and share creative assets with team members and clients$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Warm WelcomeJan. 20, 2021SoonWarm Welcome lets you leverage personal video with business cards, site bubbles, and emails to build trust with your audience$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
OptinlyJan. 19, 2021SoonOptinly lets you easily build goal-based website pop-ups with specific triggers to engage visitors and grow your customer base$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
PromoRepublicJan. 19, 2021SoonPromoRepublic is a powerful social media tool with custom templates and images, so smaller operations can create a big marketing impact$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
EditMateJan. 15, 2021SoonEditMate is user-generated video marketing software that allows businesses to feature videos from their community to provide social proof and build brand affinity$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Markup HeroJan. 11, 2021SoonMarkup Hero is a daily-use screenshot and annotation tool that gives you everything you need to communicate your message on images, PDFs, and more$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SpreadSimpleJan. 13, 2021SoonSpreadSimple is a no-code web application that makes it simple and quick to create and manage a feature-rich website using just the data in a Google Sheet$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BackupGuardJan. 6, 2021SoonBackupGuard WordPress Plugin easily backs up, restores, and migrates your WordPress site, files, and databases$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
INBOXJan. 5, 2021SoonINBOX lets you easily create and send personalized marketing emails and newsletters for all your brands$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
PrefineryJan. 8, 2021SoonPrefinery is a customer acquisition platform that uses customizable referral campaigns to incentivize viral sharing$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
MarketMuseJan. 4, 2021SoonMarketMuse is an AI-driven platform that helps you build content strategies, find gaps in your topics, and accelerate research and publication$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
iubendaDec. 15, 2020Sooniubenda is a tool that lets you easily meet the latest legal requirements of the GDPR and CCPA, plus make cookie banners, privacy policies, and terms and conditions$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
HashtagsForLikesDec. 15, 2020SoonHashtagsForLikes is a game-changing tool that combines hashtags and analytics to help you build better campaigns for social media$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
MarpipeDec. 14, 2020SoonMarpipe is a multivariate testing platform that lets you build, launch, and analyze hundreds of ad creatives to automate the testing process$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
PromoTixDec. 13, 2020SoonPromoTix is an event ticketing platform that helps event organizers grow their bottom line through fee-free ticketing, marketing tools, livestreaming, and more$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Swift PollingDec. 14, 2020SoonSwift Polling is a real-time audience engagement platform that allows you to collect important customer data, vote on decisions, and measure audience sentiment$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
PlerdyDec. 10, 2020SoonPlerdy is a multifunctional tool that offers heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and more to analyze user behavior and improve site design$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
VieworksDec. 8, 2020SoonVieworks is a video lead generation tool that enables marketers and sales teams to turn views into sales by rewarding viewers$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
intelli.tvDec. 8, is an interactive video tool that allows you to add interactive elements to your video content to better engage your audience$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
BeesbusyDec. 7, 2020SoonBeesbusy is a project management tool that lets you use customizable dashboards, Gantt charts, time tracking, and scheduling for easy organization$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
PixeliedDec. 3, 2020SoonPixelied is a feature-rich design tool offering an extensive library of templates, photos, icons, illustrations, color palettes, and vectors$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
QPageDec. 1, 2020SoonQPage is a recruiting platform that leverages data to help you source, assess, and hire the best candidates$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
VivifyScrumDec. 2, 2020SoonVivifyScrum is an Agile project management tool that combines customizable boards, time tracking, team management, and invoicing$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BlooDec. 3, 2020SoonBloo is a project management platform that includes boards, calendars, to-dos, files, assignees, and more to keep everything organized and efficient$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
PeerBoardNov. 30, 2020SoonPeerBoard is software that allows you to build a branded, feature-rich community forum right on your website$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
AirmeetNov. 23, 2020SoonAirmeet is an all-in-one platform to host immersive virtual events and offer real networking opportunities for participants$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Troop MessengerNov. 23, 2020SoonTroop Messenger is a user-friendly unified messaging platform, designed to enable team collaboration for businesses of all sizes$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
KeepSolid GoalsNov. 19, 2020SoonKeepSolid Goals is goal management software that allows you to set goals and strategize while keeping your team productive$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
CollaboardNov. 17, 2020SoonCollaboard is a virtual whiteboard that lets you add images, videos, sticky notes, documents, and more to a collaborative space$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
TeliportMe Virtual ToursNov. 16, 2020SoonTeliportMe Virtual Tours lets you create and host interactive 360° digital tours with high-resolution content delivery$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
DecktopusNov. 12, 2020SoonDecktopus is an intelligent presentation tool that lets you create professional slide decks with customizable, pre-created structures and designs$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SearchIQNov. 6, 2020SoonSearchIQ provides a comprehensive search experience for your website and allows you to understand your users better with real-time analytics$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ReMasterMediaNov. 10, 2020SoonReMasterMedia lets you optimize your audio and video clips to give you superior sound in only a few minutes$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
InsignalNov. 2, 2020SoonInsignal is an analytics tool designed to help you quickly visualize how users interact with your website, so you can optimize the browsing experience$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEmarketing
Nimbus NoteOct. 28, 2020SoonNimbus Note is a comprehensive platform for organizing notes, documents, and projects from multiple sources into a collaborative digital environment$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ShortPixelOct. 26, 2020SoonShortPixel is a high-powered compressor and optimizer that drastically reduces image file sizes so you can improve your website’s performance and SEO ranking$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
BerrycastOct. 27, 2020SoonBerrycast is an app that lets you record your screen, camera, and audio at the same time, so you can create online videos that match in-person explanations$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
MeetquoOct. 28, 2020SoonMeetquo is a remote meeting and brainstorming platform that allows teammates to participate on their own schedule$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SerpWatchOct. 26, 2020SoonSerpWatch tracks SEO rankings with keyword monitoring and data cross-referencing that includes revenue, featured snippets, and Google Analytics$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Missinglettr PostboxOct. 22, 2020SoonMissinglettr Postbox is a platform that creates a community of content sharing for your target audience, giving you maximum organic reach$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
OdeumOct. 20, 2020SoonOdeum offers a complete solution for launching a subscription video service with branded apps on every platform$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
DeskeraOct. 19, 2020SoonDeskera is a full-featured platform that lets you manage accounting, payroll, invoicing, email campaigns, CRM, and more$149 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
CloudSocialOct. 15, 2020SoonCloudSocial lets you publish, respond, manage, and analyze content across all your social media channels from one platform$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
VolleyOct. 13, 2020SoonVolley is a QA solution that allows designers to provide instant visual feedback to ensure their designs are built successfully$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Unimation MediaSept. 24, 2020SoonGet a total of 500+ high-quality, transparent, 3D, character-animated assets in transparent WebM, green-screen .mp4, and .png format$15 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
BlogAudio PlusOct. 6, 2020SoonBlogAudio Plus is a tool that converts your articles into high-quality, AI-generated audio and lets your users enjoy that content seamlessly with the widget$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ZoocOct. 12, 2020SoonZooc is a collaboration tool that supports asynchronous communication via text, voice, video, and screen recording for high-context feedback$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Aicoosoft Video ConverterOct. 3, 2020SoonAll-in-one video tool that converts, edits, compresses, downloads, records videos, and more$29 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Elite LicenserOct. 6, 2020SoonElite Licenser is a software license manager for WordPress that protects software and application from unauthorized usages$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
InvoiceQuickSept. 11, 2020SoonCreate invoices, estimate and manage unlimited customers - all in one place$47 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Burner Mail PremiumOct. 7, 2020SoonBurner Mail Premium lets you control who can send you emails and generate new burners with a single click$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ClientjoyOct. 8, 2020SoonClientjoy is a platform that combines leads, proposals, contracts, invoicing, and payments for a streamlined client lifecycle$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
VideolinqOct. 7, 2020SoonVideolinq is a powerful video streaming tool that allows you to broadcast live content to multiple social media platforms and websites$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Sticker MuleOct. 10, 2020SoonSticker Mule offers high-quality custom die-cut stickers that are easy to order with quick turnaround times and free shipping worldwide$9 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
FreshStockOct. 5, 2020SoonFreshStock is an asset library with the most diverse collection of premium, curated stock vectors and templates created by world-class artists$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
LivappOct. 1, 2020SoonLivapp allows you to embed content in your video and broadcast it live via a mobile app$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
follow.itSept. 29, lets you create subscription forms with options for various delivery channels and content filters to increase repeat traffic$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SAMSept. 27, 2020SoonSAM is the first network-powered relationship and introduction management platform built on conversational AI$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
WiserNotifySept. 21, 2020SoonWiserNotify is a tool that delivers customizable social proof notifications and widgets to build trust and increase sales$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ResumonkSept. 22, 2020SoonResumonk is an online tool that lets you craft beautiful resumes and cover letters in minutes$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Zoom.aiSept. 17, is an AI-powered meeting scheduler built to help you connect and book faster, so you can get back to focusing on your clients$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
WP Super HostSept. 15, 2020SoonWP Super Host is a WordPress host that offers simple site migration, an intuitive user dashboard, and powerful site features$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ScribeSept. 14, 2020SoonScribe is a tool that lets you add CTAs and promotional banners in every email signature for more effective branding and campaigns$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Modern Events CalendarSept. 9, 2020SoonModern Events Calendar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create, manage, and sell events on your site$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
BIGVUSept. 8, 2020SoonBIGVU is a comprehensive video tool offering a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more to create professional content$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
FleeqSept. 7, 2020SoonFleeq lets you quickly create bite-sized training videos, so you can improve remote communication and increase team efficiency$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
366 DegreesSept. 3, 2020Soon366 Degrees is a cloud-based solution designed to build and automate the sales process with social, email, and video campaigns as well as engaging landing pages$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
EZBILLING360Sept. 2, 2020SoonEZBILLING360 is a tool that automates the entire billing process, including time tracking, creating invoices, and monitoring sales$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ChantySept. 1, 2020SoonChanty is a cloud-based collaboration platform that combines communication, project management, and automation to help teams work together more effectively$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ProductstashAug. 25, 2020SoonProductstash provide an all-in-one product management tool that helps product managers with their day-to-day; enabling them to communicate their road maps, notify their users about product updates and provide a platform to collect ideas directly from source$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Better UptimeAug. 24, 2020SoonBetter Uptime is an uptime monitoring service that alerts you when your site is down, while providing screenshots and error logs for debugging$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
PixlrAug. 25, 2020SoonPixlr is an intuitive online photo editor that uses AI-powered tools for quick and easy professional designs and edits$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
Attention InsightAug. 19, 2020SoonAttention Insight improves design success with pre-launch analytics that give you valuable feedback before you hit publish$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SpottAug. 19, 2020SoonSpott allows you to create interactive content, publish it to different channels, and track its success along the way$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
BrandChampAug. 25, 2020SoonBrandChamp is a centralized platform that helps build, automate, and scale brand ambassador programs with signups, task tracking, and rewards$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
DocProAug. 7, 2020SoonDocPro saves you time and money with a document database of over 1,000 templates that are reviewed by lawyers and easily customizable to fit your needs$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
VollnaAug. 15, 2020SoonVollna is an AI-based aggregator that uses Machine Learning to search for freelance projects on the top freelance sites and alert you to projects that fit your skills$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Coming Soon & Maintenance ModeAug. 12, 2020SoonComing Soon & Maintenance Mode is a white-label ready WordPress plugin for creating and managing professional placeholder sites$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
BrandoxAug. 10, 2020SoonBrandox is a visually-organized file platform that lets you easily organize, share, and manage brand assets$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
FraseAug. 4, 2020SoonFrase is an AI-powered tool that identifies the questions your audience is asking and creates detailed content briefs for answer-focused, SEO-friendly content$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ClickMindedJuly 30, 2020SoonClickMinded is a complete SEO training course with real-world examples designed to generate relevant site traffic by helping you figure out what search engine users want$149 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
PWA for WPJuly 28, 2020SoonPWAforWP is a WordPress plugin that generates an app-like shortcut for your WordPress site, giving users access from both Android and iOS mobile devices$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
LinguixJuly 27, 2020SoonLinguix is an AI-powered writing assistant that checks your writing for errors and provides context-appropriate grammar, punctuation, style, and vocab recommendations$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
No-Code MVPJuly 24, 2020SoonNo-Code MVP is an online course that teaches you how to rapidly build and validate your startup ideas, without any code$119 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
BuildBubblesJuly 21, 2020SoonBuildBubbles is a tool that lets WordPress bloggers turn written content into high-quality podcasts without any mics or studios$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
QuickReviewerJuly 20, 2020SoonQuickReviewer is an online proofing software that enables creative teams to get faster reviews and approvals on videos, PDFs, HTML, and images$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
bCastJuly 21, 2020SoonbCast is a podcast hosting, distribution, and analytics platform designed to transform listeners into leads$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
TyleJuly 15, 2020SoonTyle is a smart video and image editor that enables users to quickly create high-quality video content and daily social posts using stock resources$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SocketLabs Cloud EmailJuly 12, 2020SoonSocketLabs Cloud Email is a trusted email delivery solution for transactional messaging and marketing automation$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
QubelyJuly 9, 2020SoonQubely is a feature-rich Gutenberg toolkit that offers a robust page-building experience for anyone building a WordPress website$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ReplyJuly 8, 2020SoonReply is a tool that searches for business emails on LinkedIn, then lets you automate sending emails, follow-ups, and calls to streamline outreach$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
OneStream LiveJuly 6, 2020SoonOneStream Live allows you to schedule and livestream your pre-recorded videos on 40+ social media platforms simultaneously$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ClickacallJuly 2, 2020SoonClickacall is a tool that lets you receive voice and video calls from anywhere with only a link—no downloads or signups required$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
erxesJuly 1, 2020Soonerxes is a complete growth marketing and business management platform that offers a built-in messenger, team inbox, knowledge base, and more$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
PeopleboxJune 30, 2020SoonPeoplebox is a tool that tracks remote employee performance and engagement, helps you build OKRs, and supports more productive 1:1s$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Happy ScribeJune 25, 2020SoonHappy Scribe uses the best speech-to-text technology to automatically and accurately generate transcripts and subtitles in minutes$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ContinuallyJune 23, 2020SoonContinually helps you capture customer leads, automate scheduling, and keep visitors engaged with chatbots$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Crello ProJune 22, 2020SoonCrello Pro is an easy-to-use online design editor with thousands of ready-made, customizable templates and millions of high-quality photos, videos, and designs$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
The Template TribeMay 21, 2020SoonThe Template Tribe gives you access to 400+ editable, customizable, Canva templates for all your visual content needs$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
VidyouJune 16, 2020SoonVidyou helps you automatically turn your product inventory into customizable video ads within minutes, so you can take your ads to the next level$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ViewStubJune 15, 2020SoonViewStub is a simple software solution that helps you organize in-person, live streaming, or on-demand events with a built-in video player and seamless checkout$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Notetracks ProJune 11, 2020SoonNotetracks Pro is an audio collaboration platform where you can get real-time feedback pinpointed directly on the track itself$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
PhoneWagonJune 10, 2020SoonPhoneWagon is an advanced call tracking tool that lets you set up dynamic numbers, automated text messages, and phone trees$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
NiftyPMJune 4, 2020SoonNiftyPM is a remote collaboration hub designed to help you manage projects, goals, files, and teams, all in one place$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SubHubMay 29, 2020SoonSubHub is a platform that enables users to build, host, and manage membership and subscription sites, including content and payment$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
Remote TeamJune 2, 2020SoonRemote Team is an all-in-one HR platform offering document management, international payment processing, time tracking, and more$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SiegeLearn Content Marketing CourseMay 27, 2020SoonSiegeLearn Content Marketing Course is an online program with 45 lessons to teach you the content marketing and SEO skills you need to increase traffic$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
Million-Dollar Email TemplatesMay 28, 2020SoonMillion-Dollar Email Templates is an ebook of 30 email scripts used and curated by Sumo and AppSumo to help develop business and client relationshipsFreebieN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Agency Accelerator Course BundleMay 27, 2020SoonThe Agency Accelerator Course Bundle is a collection of online courses that gives you the step-by-step training you need to start, launch, and scale an agency or consulting business$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
alughaMay 26, 2020SoonAlugha is a video translation tool that streamlines the production and collaboration process for high-quality content tailored to international audiences$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
TeamdeckMay 21, 2020SoonTeamdeck is an all-in-one resource management solution that tracks your team’s time and productivity$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
AmeliaMay 20, 2020SoonAmelia is WordPress’s fully automated appointment and event booking specialist that works for you around the clock$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ConvergeHubMay 18, 2020SoonConvergeHub is a unified CRM platform that handles customer data for sales, marketing, support, and billing with easy automation$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SocialBeeMay 18, 2020SoonSocialBee is an all-in-one social media tool that lets you schedule posts, curate content, and grow an audience$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SuiteDashMay 19, 2020SoonSuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution that combines the most common business tools into a pre-integrated, white-label ready platform$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ApproveMe's Ultimate Contract TemplateMay 15, 2020SoonApproveMe's Ultimate Contract Template Membership Site is a premium site with 100+ professionally prepared, ready-to-sign contract templatesFREEBIEN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
ReziMay 15, 2020SoonRezi is an AI-powered resume builder that lets you quickly create optimized, ATS-friendly resumes and cover letters tailored to specific job descriptionsFREEBIEN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
MalcolmMay 12, 2020SoonMalcolm is a suite of tools that automates your recurring tasks and turns them into forms and full customer journeys$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
IdeanoteMay 11, 2020SoonIdeanote is an all-in-one innovation platform that empowers your team to capture, develop, and prioritize your best business ideas$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Better SheetsMay 7, 2020SoonBetter Sheets is an online tutorial for mastering Google Sheets to solve a variety of real-world problems$19 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
FlixierMay 7, 2020SoonFlixier is a cloud-powered video editor that makes it easy to collaborate on projects and export videos in minutes$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ZiggeoMay 6, 2020SoonZiggeo is an award-winning video API solution that offers video recording, hosting, streaming, and playback in one easy-to-use platform$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
EventsFrameMay 5, 2020SoonEventsFrame is a powerful events ticketing system that lets you set up and host events with ease$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
BeaconApril 30, 2020SoonBeacon is an all-in-one solution that lets you easily create and publish lead magnets in minutes, regardless of design skill level$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
JeptoApril 29, 2020SoonJepto is a digital assistant that uses machine learning to spot anomalies, get insights and forecasts, and automate repetitive data-monitoring tasks$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Six-Figure Freelancers AcceleratorApril 29, 2020SoonThe Six-Figure Freelancers Accelerator is an online program that teaches consultants and creatives the fundamentals of building a freelance business$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
WP ResetApril 29, 2020SoonWP Reset is a WordPress plugin that collectively installs themes and plugins, resets defaults, and creates snapshots to restore your website$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
SociamonialsApril 28, 2020SoonSociamonials helps you optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI with important social media analytics and automation$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
VideoPeelApril 27, 2020SoonVideoPeel is a user-friendly platform for collecting, managing, and sharing video testimonials from one centralized location$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
If-SoApril 23, 2020SoonIf-So is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display dynamic content to users based on their search terms, language, geolocation, and more$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
PublerApril 21, 2020SoonPubler is a social media marketing tool that lets you create, schedule, and analyze all your posts, plus collaborate with team members$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ClearoutPhoneApril 21, 2020SoonClearoutPhone is an online tool that verifies the validity of phone numbers, while determining useful carrier and device information$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
QuotersApril 16, 2020SoonQuoters is online software that lets you quickly create, track, and e-sign high-converting proposals all in one place$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
TheCheckerApril 15, 2020SoonTheChecker is an email verification service that cleans up your lists on every platform and helps you improve deliverability and campaign performance$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
DepositphotosApril 14, 2020SoonDepositphotos is a library with over 100 million high-quality and royalty-free stock photos and vector images$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
Viral LoopsApril 14, 2020SoonViral Loops is an all-in-one referral marketing platform to create viral giveaways, contests, and rewards$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Play.htApril 13, lets you instantly convert blog posts and written content into audio files that can be embedded or distributed as podcasts$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
CloudimageApril 8, 2020SoonCloudimage smartly resizes images to make your website load faster, no matter the device or browser$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ElfsightApril 7, 2020SoonElfsight is an all-in-one platform with 60+ ready-made, customizable widgets to boost your website with zero coding required$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
HelpwiseApril 6, 2020SoonHelpwise is a shared inbox solution for teams of all sizes looking to increase collaboration and deliver better customer service, faster$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
LinkedIn Outreach BootcampApril 6, 2020SoonLinkedIn Outreach Bootcamp is a 5-day course that teaches B2B marketers how to use LinkedIn outreach to consistently generate new clientsFREEBIEN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
LordiconApril 3, 2020SoonLordicon is a collection of 500+ animated, interactive icons for web and mobile projects, videos, apps and presentationsFreebieN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
BounceCastMarch 31, 2020SoonBounceCast is an intelligent digital audio app for recording, enhancing, and mastering audio files on desktop and mobile platforms$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
FleeqMarch 30, 2020April 02, 2020Fleeq lets you quickly create bite-sized training videos so you can improve communication and increase efficiency$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
SoundwiseMarch 25, 2020SoonSoundwise is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to create and sell audio products online while fostering your community of listeners$99 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
MetricoolMarch 24, 2020SoonMetricool is a complete online platform that lets you analyze, manage, and grow your digital presence, as well as generate custom reports$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Social AnimalMarch 18, 2020SoonSocial Animal is a web tracking tool that analyzes top-performing content and authors for detailed insights on your choice of topics or keywords$69 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
IcedriveMarch 18, 2020SoonIcedrive is a zero-knowledge encryption cloud storage tool to access and share your files from anywhere, on any device$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Crocoblock JetPopup and JetElements BundleMarch 16, 2020SoonThe Interactive Popup Bundle by Crocoblock allows you to create and customize interactive popups via Elementor in minutes$29 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
RepusoMarch 13, 2020SoonRepuso is a reputation management tool that automatically collects and organizes your online reviews, and showcases them on your websiteFREEBIEN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Find That LeadMarch 16, 2020SoonFindThatLead is a sales prospecting tool that lets you easily search, save, and verify potential customers$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
FrogedMarch 12, 2020SoonFroged is a behavioral messaging platform that allows you to engage meaningfully with customers based on their specific actions$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
OviondMarch 11, 2020SoonOviond is a customizable digital platform that combines and organizes all of your marketing data into useful insights and automated reports$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ClapboardMarch 10, 2020SoonClapboard is an easy-to-use Chrome plugin that gives you the power to record, edit, and share compelling videos in minutes$39 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Loop EmailMarch 5, 2020SoonLoop Email is a powerful email app that helps teams connect, collaborate, and manage shared inboxes, all in one place$59 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
RebumpMarch 2, 2020SoonRebump is software that integrates with your Gmail and G Suite programs to automate the process of sending follow-up emails$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
MailPoetFeb. 28, 2020SoonMailPoet helps you stand out in any inbox by creating and delivering beautiful emails directly from WordPress$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
HappyFormsFeb. 25, 2020SoonHappyForms is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create attractive forms that encourage conversions$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
ReplybuttonFeb. 25, 2020SoonReplybutton is a reply-focused email outreach tool that allows you to embed reply buttons, polls, and surveys in your emails$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Fatcat AppsFeb. 19, 2020SoonFatcat Apps provides you with all the marketing tools and plugins you need to successfully grow your WordPress traffic and business$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
BotStarFeb. 20, 2020SoonBotStar is a comprehensive chatbot builder that makes it easy to develop and refine an automated system to tackle queries and generate leads$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
GetSocialFeb. 18, 2020SoonGetSocial is a social media content and distribution platform that uses dark social to track and improve content performance$49 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ListagramFeb. 12, 2020SoonListagram is an interactive spinning wheel opt-in form for increasing email subscribers and conversion rates$29 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
HR PartnerFeb. 12, 2020SoonHR Partner is a comprehensive HR platform where you can manage employee data and HR processes all in one place$79 Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
EvidenceFeb. 11, 2020SoonEvidence is a platform where you can launch customized social proof notification campaigns to boost conversions96% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Multimedia5Feb. 10, 2020SoonMultimedia5 is a smart video creation platform that uses powerful AI to automate production, giving you fast, high-quality content for social media88% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Hey OliverFeb. 8, 2020SoonHey Oliver is marketing automation software that works seamlessly with your website so you can build customized campaigns, track engagement, and convert more leads98% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
CRM.meFeb. 6, is a customizable, easy-to-use dashboard that helps sales teams track leads and move them through the funnel96% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
QuokkaFeb. 5, 2020SoonQuokka is a marketing tool that retargets customers who didn’t open your email on other platforms so they never miss an offer93% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ProteusThemesFeb. 4, 2020SoonProteusThemes helps you build unlimited stunning, SEO-optimized websites with customizable themes88% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
WishpondFeb. 3, 2020SoonWishpond is an all-in-one lead generation and automation platform to build your audience and grow your business98% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
eyeson30/01SoonEyeson is a powerful, fully integrated cloud-based video conferencing solution for teams90% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
wpDataTables29/01SoonwpDataTables is a premium plugin that lets you quickly create responsive tables, graphs, and charts for your WordPress pages87% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
MailTag29/01SoonMailTag is an email tracking and automation tool for Gmail and GSuite that helps you make more sales, in less time62% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SquidHub29/01SoonSquidHub is a project management and collaboration platform that displays all your team’s tasks, files, and messages in a single page84% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Hexometer27/01SoonHexometer is a website monitoring tool that continuously tracks and measures over 2,800 data points to boost your web performance83% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
AidaForm27/01SoonAidaForm is a complete solution that enables you to create custom forms, collect responses, and analyze the results, all in one place74% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
StackbyN/ASoonStackby allows you to create your own company-specific work management platform with customizable spreadsheet-style databases and business APIs86% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Heights PlatformN/ASoonHeights Platform is a customizable, all-in-one online course platform that helps you create, manage, and sell your own learning program92% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
BrandMentionsN/ASoonBrandMentions is a web and social monitoring tool that helps you see what’s being said about your brand, engage with customers, and spy on the competition97% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
VaizleN/ASoonVaizle is a social media analytics tool for businesses that need simple, actionable insights97% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
WishList MemberN/ASoonWishList Member is a plugin that transforms any WordPress site into a full-fledged membership site with protected online content75% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
SocialBook BuilderN/ASoonSocialBook Builder is a browser extension that helps you optimize your YouTube videos and grow your channel88% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Podcast.coN/ is a platform where you can record, upload, and distribute your shows in one place—without the technical hassles84% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
GumletN/ASoonGumlet automatically optimizes images so your pages load faster and visitors stay engaged longer59% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
AdLaunchN/ASoonAdLaunch’s intuitive user interface puts tons of advanced video editing tools in a simple framework so you can quickly produce high-quality content93% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
AppDragN/ASoonAppDrag is a website development platform with intuitive drag-and-drop customization, plus full access to the source code88% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Re:plainN/ASoonRe:plain is fast and functional live chat software that receives and sends your website messages directly to Facebook Messenger and Telegram71% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
ProVideoFactoryN/ASoonProVideoFactory is a stock video library that gives you instant access to easy-to-use, royalty-free professional footage90% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
adam.aiN/ manages the entire meeting lifecycle from initial preparation to sharing minutes, helping you save hours coordinating projects98% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
Second Line ThemesN/ASoonSecondLineThemes helps you create professionally designed, modern WordPress websites for podcasts and audio projects65% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
RelayThatN/ASoonRelayThat takes the guesswork out of design so you can create on-brand, professional marketing creatives in a fraction of the time96% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
InVideoN/ASoonInVideo is a simple, scalable video creation platform with templates that help you make engaging videos in minutes92% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
SwarmifyN/ASoonSwarmify is an unbranded video host that offers super-fast and buffer-free playback, plus unlimited bandwidth, encoding, and storage94% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
Switchy.ioN/ lets you customize, manage, and track retargeting links so you can boost conversions98% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
VdoCipherN/ASoonVdoCipher protects your premium video content with Hollywood-grade video encryption and AWS-powered CDN playback68% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
HarmonizelyN/ASoonHarmonizely is a versatile, self-serve scheduling tool that makes planning meetings simpler and less error-prone—no matter the time zone59% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
JumpStoryN/ASoonJumpStory is a library with over 15 million high-quality photos, illustrations, and videos that uses AI to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, in seconds67% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
JumpplN/ASoonJumppl is an all-in-one project and team management platform with all the tools you need to make your business productive90% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
HelloWoofyN/ASoonHelloWoofy is an AI-enabled digital marketing tool that helps you save time and optimize your social media strategy using visual data science92% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
easy.jobsN/ helps you streamline your recruiting process by posting jobs, tracking applicants, and scheduling interviews in one place80% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
BetterDocsN/ASoonBetterDocs helps you create a beautifully designed, searchable knowledge base that gives customers answers to FAQs75% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
Startups.comN/ is the ultimate source for interactive resources, community, and tools to help you successfully launch your startup, fast86% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
WPfomifyN/ASoonWPfomify provides social proof and builds trust with customized, targeted conversion notifications that drive conversions61% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
VdoCipherN/ASoonVdoCipher protects your premium video content with Hollywood-grade video encryption and AWS-powered CDN playback68% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
WP Scheduled PostsN/ASoonWP Scheduled Posts plugin is an editorial calendar tool that helps to streamline your content strategy and optimize productivity for your WordPress website74% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
MeetFoxN/ASoonMeetFox combines all the tools you need to run your meetings in one place with simple scheduling, video conferencing, and invoice management84% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEProductivity
SendFoxN/ASoonSendFox is an email marketing tool designed specifically for content creators that lets you compose and send unlimited customized emails80% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
EpicPxlsN/ASoonEpicPxls is a carefully curated, online portfolio of design resources that helps you ship projects faster85% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
LoginPressN/ASoonLoginPress is a login management plug-in for WordPress that helps you secure, rebrand, and customize your login pages without developers or code74% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress
Yay ImagesN/ASoonYay Images puts a collection of 11 million premium stock photos, vectors, and illustrations at your fingertips so you can improve your marketing92% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
InfluenceN/ASoonInfluence is a social proof notification tool that helps you instantly boost conversion rates90% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
KingSumoN/ASoonKingSumo is a platform that helps you create viral giveaways so you can grow your audience and get more leads quickly and effectively79% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEMarketing
StockUnlimited 3 Years accessN/ASoonStockUnlimited helps you communicate beautifully with a library of high-quality stock graphics, images, icons, and more93% Lifetime DealN/AVISIT DEAL PAGEStock Photos
SkillShareN/AN/AGet Access To Skillshare’s 22,000 Online Classes For FREEFreeN/AVISIT DEAL PAGECourses
Elegant ThemesN/AN/AElegant Themes & Divi Special 20% Off Discount Deal20%N/AVISIT DEAL PAGEWordPress