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Meet Rank math SEO. The hottest new SEO plugin for WordPress!

Learn how to integrate Rank math SEO to your Divi website. The hottest new SEO plugin for WordPress!

Every website exists for the sole purpose of getting people to visit. This is especially true for business websites where the more traffic you get the more revenue you’ll make. If you built your website on WordPress, you have an even better chance of attracting traffic. WordPress by default makes a number of settings that make it easier for your website to be crawled by search engine bots and be found by your potential customers and clients. In this article I’ll show you how to use the latest plugin for SEO, Rank Math SEO on your Divi powered website.

Rank Math SEO has quickly gained popularity in the WordPress community. Many of us are familiar with SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and a host of other specialized SEO tools. What makes Rank Math SEO plugin much better is the fact that this plugin brings together a number of SEO tools and packages them into one nice tool. Instead of using 4 or more plugins for the different aspects of SEO, all you have to use now is Rank Math SEO. When it comes to plugins, less is always better!

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Rank Math SEO Plugin Setup Guide

Without wasting time, let’s go ahead and learn how to set up Rank Math SEO. Follow the guide below as I walk you through the process.

First, we need to install the plugin. Head on over to Plugins -> New and enter the name ‘Rank Math SEO’ in the search bar. You’re soon presented with a number of search results and the first there should be the Rank Math SEO plugin. Click to install then click again to activate the plugin. At this point you’ll be taken through a setup wizard where you’ll need to create a free account with Rank Math SEO then connect your website to their platform. After you enter your login information you can continue with rest of the steps in setup wizard.

Rank Math SEO Install

Your Site

The next screen in the set up is your site information. Here make sure the name of your business is correctly written, select a logo that Google will see through search and pick the correct business type. If you opt to import data from Yoast SEO then your information will be pre-populated.

Rank Math SEO configure website

Connect Search Console

Next you’ll connect your Google Search Console profile to your website. As you know, Google Search Console is a great tool for SEO because it shows you how well your website is performing and any errors that your site may have from a search engine perspective. If you have not signed up for Google Search Console, click here to set up a profile for your website.

Rank Math SEO Connect Google Search Console


Next you’ll configure your sitemaps. Sitemaps allow you to control how search engines navigate your website and also what content they index. This is important because sometimes you don’t want search engines to index everything on your website. If you’re unsure, go with the default settings.

Rank Math SEO Sitemap

SEO Tweaks

This is the last step. You’ll see a number of options that you can turn on or off to further customize your SEO settings. If in doubt, just go with the default settings. A couple of things to note here:

  1. A no-index setting directs search engine to not index that particular link (link for a page, post, category etc). You should no-index links with little or no content.
  2. A no-follow setting directs search engines to not consider a link when ranking a website. Some links that need to be set to no-follow include external links to other websites and temporary links that will be removed in the near future.

Click the Save and Continue button. At this point you’ve completed the basic configuration.

Rank Math SEO Tweaks

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings allow you to further customize the Rank Math SEO so you have better control of how the plugin works within your website. Lets continue customizing this section.

Role Manager

Here you can customize who has access to your SEO settings and what they see and can do. Too many hands can spoil your site and its SEO rankings so my recommendation is to keep all these settings away from everyone else except the admins of the website. This way you are able to see how your site performs as you tweak these SEO settings over time.

Rank Math SEO Role Manager

404 & Redirection

Next you’ll customize the 404 setting and link redirection. 404 errors are not only very disappointing to visitors but also a bad indicator for search engines. Search engines want to send traffic to links that are accessible. 404 errors communicate a lack of attention to a website and will cost you ranking. Go ahead and turn on 404 monitoring.

Rank Math SEO 404 Monitor and Redirections

Redirections settings allow you to set a new paths for 404 links. You can set up temporary and permanent redirections. Save your changes and continue.

Misc Settings

Lastly, you’ll customize settings for a number of different post types for your website. Here you’ll set up rich snippet which allows Google to better understand the structure of your pages and posts. The better Google understands your content structure the better it’ll be able to index and rank your website.

Rank Math SEO Misc Settings


At this point your website is fairly well optimized in general but it’s not the end. Rank Math SEO gives you tools at the page and post level for you to add more customization such as focus keyword, title and descriptions. Take sometime and get familiar with these settings as they’ll become very helpful for you to achieve higher ranking for your contents.

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