Cross-Site Divi/Gutenberg Content Copy Paste System (CCPS)


Easily Copy and Paste Divi Builder/Gutenberg page elements (with content, styles, interactions, etc.) or Bulk move/take backups of Posts, Pages, WooCommerce products, and Media files between different websites. Tedious JSON file import/export process or paying for layout cloud storage services is thing of the past! Build your own self hosted repository of reusable full page layouts and page sections.
Popular web site builders like Elementor and Webflow have cross-site copy pasting ability. Our product bring this functionality to Divi and Gutenberg for the first time!

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Designing beautiful websites is a time consuming task with lots of repetitive work. Copying a previous design to the current website project your are working on and modifying it to avoid starting from scratch is a great productivity hack. You were able to do this across websites in the past using json files and paid layout cloud services. Our plugin simplify this process. Now, all you have to do is copy and paste!

You can copy and paste entire pages or selected sections onto another website using the Cross-Domain Copy Paste feature. A complete clone with all the content, images, videos, styles, and interactions will be copied over to wherever place you want. The Webflow community had this feature as a wish list item and they have introduced a solution. With our plugin, the same solution is coming to all Divi and Gutenberg users.

One interesting use case of this plugin is that it allow you to maintain a dedicated site (central repository/layout cloud/library) to store snippets or blocks of common layout elements in your own development environment. After that you can copy/paste these frequently used items on to new projects and customize them. This is not only a huge productivity booster, it also help reduce your bill paid for layout cloud services!

The page builder integration is just a one feature of the plugin. You can also use this to bulk move or take backups of Posts and Pages. We have also added integration with WooCommerce. More of such handy integrations are coming soon. You can suggest feature requests in the comment sections of the plugin Walkthrough post.

All Features:

1. Support for Divi, Gutenberg page builders.

2. Support for WooCommerce.

3. Ability to bulk move Posts, Pages, WooCommerce products, and Media files from one website to another.

4. Restrict which user roles can use the plugin.

5. Can download zip copies of pages or posts, which can be kept in the computer as a backup or restored on another website.

6. Local environment to live site copying through zip download method.

7. Does not duplicate media files.

8. Has a settings page to control the features of the plugin.


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Terms of Sale:

You can use this product for both personal and commercial use on unlimited websites – 3 websites can receive auto updates through license mechanism (1 purchased license = 3 websites) or you can manually update unlimited number of sites.
You are not allowed to resell or redistribute this product or any of its parts to anyone else.

You get product updates for lifetime – We will make every attempt to ensure that our products are compatible with all future releases of Divi. You can access product updates through your website admin dashboard or ‘My Account‘ page here (check version number to see if there’s an update).

For product support you can directly contact us. We provide customer support for life of the product – Support is provided for bug fixes only. If you need customisation support you will have to pay our hourly rate.

Scope of Support – Our main intention by providing product support is to help uncover bugs, add frequently requested features and overall improve the product for everyone. We reserve the right to dismiss any support request that’s outside of this support scope.

Due to the nature of digital products as they cannot be returned, it’s impossible to prevent fraud and still offer refunds. Hence refund requests are expressly denied. You are encouraged to use our test drive facility to try the product before you buy.

Compatible with PHP version 5.5 or higher


Version 1.0.0: Initial Release with Divi and Gutenberg page builder support.

Version 2.0.0:
– Added bulk copying and backup zip creation features that support posts, pages, media files, and WooCommerce products.
– Added the ability to restrict which user roles can use the plugin.


• To manually update this product first compare installed version number in your site with the product version number in your my account page here. If the version number is higher then you need to download that new zip file and install to your site. Once installed WordPress will take care plugin/theme upgrade process.


Using with page builders like Divi and Gutenberg

Always save the page first before using copy/paste functions.

Images and videos will not be copied from the local environment to the Live Website. If you plan to setup a site dedicated to store reusable layouts then we recommend to store them in a SSL enabled LIVE domain/subdomain. This will avoid such troubles when copying from LOCAL environment to a LIVE one. Alternatively, under all posts/pages screen you have the option to generate download zip for a selected page or bulk of pages. This zip file can be imported to a LIVE site without any constraint. Zip file method can be used as a workaround to avoid troubles in normal copy/paste function when moving from Local to Live

Pasting on an already existing page/section will result in that page/section being overridden with pasted page/section.

Currently this system doesn’t work inside Divi theme builder environment.

Using bulk copy/paste, download/upload functions in different post types

Zip file download/upload feature can be used as a complete posts/pages back up solution. The generated Zip file will have all the details including media files to restore in another website

Use the Zip file download/upload feature when you want to move something from the local environment to a live site. The normal copy/paste functions do not work in this situation

To copy media files you need to be in List Mode.

You may have to open Divi builder in each of bulk moved pages and hit save in order to fix rendering issues.

General usage

This plugin has system in place to prevent creating duplicate media files. It will only import new files, not existing.

If a media file(s) did not import correctly at the first attempt delete the corrupt file(s) and retry.

Cross domain copy pasting isn’t supported by the Safari browser.

Copy pasting is not possible between different browsers and also inside incognito windows.

If the copied page uses contents generated by a plugin then the same plugin should be installed and activated in the target site you are pasting that contents to.

When performing Paste/Upload function it is necessary to keep the tab open till the operation is done. You can move away from the tab but don’t close it.


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