Divi/Gutenberg Cross Domain Layout Copy Paste Plugin

For the first time in Divi/Gutenberg market, we are excited to announce the easiest solution to copy Divi/Gutenberg content from one website to another. Meet Layout Copy Paste System – The simple plugin that allows anyone to create their own self-hosted Divi/Gutenberg layout cloud (a site dedicated to store reusable layouts) that can be easily used on any live site! Now you can reuse layouts on multiple projects to build faster.

Divi Gutenberg Layout Copy Paste Features

Cross-Site Copy Paste Divi or Gutenberg Content

Designing beautiful websites is a time consuming task with lots of repetitive work. Copying a previous design to the current website project your are working on and modifying it to avoid starting from scratch is a great productivity hack. You were able to do this across websites in the past using json files and paid layout cloud services. Our plugin simplify this process. Now, all you have to do is copy and paste! You can copy and paste entire pages or selected sections onto another website using the Cross-Domain Copy Paste feature. A complete clone with all the content, images, videos, styles, and interactions will be copied over to wherever place you want. The Webflow community had this feature as a wish list item and they have introduced a solution. With our plugin, the same solution is coming to all Divi and Gutenberg users to address this same pain point!

One interesting use case of this plugin is that it allow you to maintain a dedicated site (central repository/layout cloud/library) to store snippets or blocks of common layout elements in your own development environment. After that you can copy/paste these frequently used items on to new projects and customize them. This is not only a huge productivity booster, it also help reduce your bill paid for layout cloud services!

  • To use this feature you need our plugin installed and activated on both sites.
  • This works with any plugin used on the page. Just make sure you have the relevant plugins installed on the website where you will be pasting.
  • If you have different theme installed in the other site, then the pasted contents will inherit the styling from the theme on that site.

Cross-Site Copy Paste in Divi

Here’s a demo of how to copy a FULL PAGE into a page in another site. This works with any Divi third-party addon used in the page. Just have it installed and activated on both the sites before proceeding.

Divi Cross Site Full Copy

This is a demo of how to copy a INDIVIDUAL SECTION to an existing page in another site

Divi Cross Site Section Copy

Cross-Site Copy Paste in Gutenberg Editor

Like in Divi, you can perform the same copy paste functions in Gutenberg. Here’s how FULL PAGE copy works. It works with any Gutenberg addon pack. Make sure to have it installed before processing copy paste functions.

Gutenberg Cross Full Copy

and copying INDIVIDUAL SECTION to an existing page.

Gutenberg Cross Section Copy

You can perform these same functions within (onsite) the website too. For example you can test a layout in a draft page and once you are happy with the design, you can copy it to the published live page.

No duplicate media files

At this point you may be wondering how’s the media folder looks like in the site where we pasted the content. Here’s a media folder comparison screenshot:

WordPress Media Library Copy Paste

As you can see all 22 media items have been copied over to the new site perfectly. What if you were to copy the same page with some slight alteration to the page in new site? Will images and other media will get duplicated? NO PROBLEM! Our plugin is specially designed to handle such tricky situations. It has a system in place to check if pasted media files are already existing so it can omit those, it only imports new media items. This way our plugin won’t ever make duplicate media files during the process.

Settings Page

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you will find a menu item call ‘Layout copy paste’ in your WordPress admin menu.

Divi Gutenberg Copy Paste Settings

The plugin is designed to work as a plug and play solution. Meaning, when you activate the plugin all you have to do is go to post edit/page builder screen and start using. The settings page is just there to disable the plugin on specific post types or disable it altogether on the site. This way you can enable the plugin only when you want to use it.

Things to know

Under ‘Read First’ heading we have added following notes:

  • Always save the page first before using copy/paste functions.
  • Images and videos will not be copied from the local environment to the live website. If you plan to setup a site dedicated to store reusable layouts then we recommend to store them in a SSL enabled LIVE domain/subdomain. This will avoid such troubles when copying from LOCAL environment to a LIVE one.
  • Copy pasting is not possible between different browsers and also inside incognito windows.
  • Cross domain copy pasting isn’t supported by the Safari browser.
  • Pasting on an already existing page/section will result in that page/section being overridden with pasted page/section.
  • If a media file(s) did not import correctly at the first attempt delete the corrupt file(s) and retry.
  • This plugin has system in place to prevent creating duplicate media files. It will only import new files, not existing.
  • Currently this system doesn’t work inside Divi theme builder environment.


The layout ‘copy paste system’ plugin makes it easier to use work you’ve already done in Divi or Gutenberg to build new sites faster! This is a huge productivity booster and a cost saver than using expensive layout cloud services. So give our plugin a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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